Feeling overwhelmed

Motherhood can seem overwhelming. You’re physically exhausted, hormones are raging and life as you knew it has changed dramatically. It’s extremely common to have thoughts such as:

  • Am I a good enough mother? Are people judging me?
  • Why do others seems to be coping so much better than me?
  • Is this really my life now? I thought I’d feel happier and more fulfilled than I do

Putting on a brave face

Feelings of anxiety and depression often follow. You can struggle on for months, sometimes years, keeping a lid on your inner most fears; but it’s exhausting and can be deeply lonely. It’s no wonder so many parents end up bewildered and overwhelmed.

It’s pretty relentless

More than ever, as parents, we need to be mentally resilient to deal with the challenges that come our way each and every day. Let’s face it, raising a child is pretty relentless.

Individual sessions

It’s ok to say you’re finding motherhood hard. My sessions are designed to give you a bit of help and support with this:

The sessions are an hour a week where we just focus on what’s going on with you and how you’re coping. The techniques I use are practical, easy to use and designed to help you see a way forward. You can even bring your baby along if you need or want to.

Mum and Baby Yoga Retreats

Perhaps what you need is some time away. If this is the case, you may be interested in the amazing Mother and Baby Yoga Retreats run by Suzanne Cork. These retreats are for perfectly imperfect ‘real’ mums and their babies (up to 18 months). You don’t need to be amazing at yoga, have an angel baby that sleeps through the night and you certainly don’t need to worry about any sort of judgement. It’s time created for you – and you can choose what you’d like to take part in. As much or as little as you like.

I run Mama Mindset workshops at these retreats and this gives mums an opportunity to open up and share what’s going on for them. The sessions are emotional, empowering, there can be tears but also a lot of laughter and relief as we all realise we’re in the same boat just muddling along as best we can.

A network of trusted baby-related professionals

I also have a network of trusted baby-related professionals (such as breast feeding and sleep consultants, paediatric osteopaths and physiotherapists) to ensure you know where to get any necessary additional support and advice.

If this is something you’d like to find out more about, I’m happy to have a chat on the phone as a first step.