Workplace Coaching

Work stress

Stress and anxiety arising from work is increasingly common. We’re often expected to achieve the same, if not more ambitious goals than before but in less time and with fewer resources.

Putting on a brave face

When everyone else seems to be managing these pressures easily, it can lead us to doubt ourselves. Instead of taking some time to assess the situation objectively, we plough on hoping things will get better.

It’s pretty relentless

The problem with this is that work can be pretty relentless. Saying to ourselves ‘it’s just a busy period’ or ‘it’s just this project’ becomes the norm. Without realising it, we end up saying it to ourselves year after year until we burnout.

Solution-focused coaching

At times like this, it can be helpful to work with someone to assess what exactly is going on and why, and then work out a way forward. A workplace coach can act as an objective sounding board as well as a partner to develop alternative perspectives and solutions.  I work with many senior professionals in their place of work for just an hour a week, to help them navigate difficult situations. 

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